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Insta Stor, Inc.
Ocean Cargo Containers
(Conex Boxes)

Need instant storage for whatever need? Call Insta Stor, Inc. at (509) 765-1376 for on-ground delivery and pick-up, for a convenient portable storage container.

This reliable firm can supply you with quality shipping containers to fill your exact needs. Be it contractor storage, farm, ranch, or new construction, this is the only call you will need to make.

The containers are constructed of steel. They are rodent proof and weatherproof. Once the doors are closed, they are sealed tight. These ocean-going containers make a perfect place to store fertilizer and other valuable goods and equipment.

The containers are for rent or sale by Insta Stor, Inc.  They have been serving the area since 1986 by providing portable storage sales and rentals.

Thanks to our many customers for their continued support.

Insta Stor, Inc.
Moses Lake, WA
(509) 765-1376

Serving Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Western Montana & Eastern Oregon